About Us

For the past 45 years, Cord has grown to become a leader in industrial construction. Members of the Cord Group of Companies are proud to be regularly recognized as top employers in both Alberta and Canada.

Who We Are

The Cord Group is comprised of team members who are employed through one of our three companies: Cord, Teamco and Energy Solutions. All three companies are part of the global Worley family of companies, each operating independently and in a different market sector while being managed by a separate management team. In western Canada, we have over 2,000 professionals and trades specialists employed across our three organizations. We operate from office locations and modularization yards in central Alberta and from multiple customer site locations. Our team and our customers are excited with our organization’s growth and the endless opportunities our company offers. At the Cord Group, the world beckons.

Cord is a company that provides construction management services, field construction, fabrication and module assembly services for traditional energy, chemicals and resources facilities as well as energy transition facilities and projects across Canada.

Teamco Ltd. is a company that provides labour services and personnel for open shop construction projects. 

Energy Solutions Ltd. is a company that provides labour services and personnel under a CLAC certificate for projects which are union organized or subject to project labour agreements. 

What We Do

Cord provides EPC, module fabrication and assembly and field-construction services across western Canada, including industrial water solutions. Each year we produce around 600 transportable modules for major oil and gas companies and other industrial companies in western Canada. This takes place at our modularization assembly yards in Edmonton and Blackfalds as well as our Fabrication Shop in Edmonton. Our work often involves the construction of heavy oil facilities, oil sands development, gas plants, power stations, renewable facilities and a host of other heavy-industrial projects.


As one of the largest module providers in western Canada, we have more than 100 acres of land dedicated to fabrication and modularization.

Cord owns and operates two modularization yards and two fabrication facilities strategically located in Alberta. At our yards, our team builds and assembles large modules that, once complete, are transported to our clients’ operations. Here the modules become manageable sections of massive fabricated structures like oil refineries, gas plants, power stations, barges and other industrial purposes.
Both of our module yards work like assembly-lines, except each module remains set in one location while the different tradespeople complete their task and move on to the next module. The average module weighs about 350,000 pounds and takes about 16 to 24 weeks to build. More than 1,000 workers and 14 trade and professional groups work year-round across each module yard.  

Finished modules are loaded onto trucks and shipped to site locations throughout western Canada. Once on site, the modules are offloaded unto piles by the trucks or by crane and another crew from the Cord Group gets to work fitting the modules together. 

Community Partners

The Cord Group believes that our leadership should extend beyond the worksite. Our people are proud to support these outstanding organizations within the communities we operate in.