Our team is always on the lookout for talented tradespeople and professionals. Whether you’re just starting out or you have a lifetime of experience under your belt, we want to hear from you.

Why Work Here

Our welcoming family culture mixed with our global reach creates the perfect atmosphere for the next step in your construction career.  

Our Diversity
Cord is a dynamic, empowered and global group. The touchstone of our success is recognizing all of our people for their performance, competence, collaboration and accountability. We welcome a diverse workforce that reflects our organization’s operational span. Diversity is one of our strengths.  

Learning & Development
Our team members are selected not only by having the right skills, but also the capacity and desire to evolve their skills in the future so that we are always ready to face new and changing workplace challenges.

Work/life Balance 
Many of our operational areas have flexible work patterns to assist our team members in achieving a satisfactory work / life balance. We also actively encourage the use all of their annual vacation entitlement and we sensitively handle requirements for overtime work that can occur due to accelerated project schedules.

Worley is an equal opportunity employer and we strive to create a working culture that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion and flexibility. Our people reflect the range of countries, cultures and contexts spanned by our operations, and we are committed to offering equal chances during the application process. For more on how we collect your personal information during the recruitment process, please see our Recruitment Privacy Notice.


Why do you like working at the Cord Group?

Choose your Career Path

When delivering some of the most dynamic projects in our industry, it’s absolutely essential we recruit and retain a skilled workforce.
The Cord Group provides a work environment where our experienced leaders mentor new team members and support career growth within our organization.
As a part of our team you will have control over your path as we closely work with you in regards to career development and potential advancement at all levels.  

It takes more than skilled tradespeople to build western Canada’s industrial sector. The Cord Group has a large team of professionals who work primarily out of our offices in Edmonton and Calgary and work collaboratively throughout our operations. We value people with the skills and aptitude to handle the demands of the construction and oil and gas industries. Many of our professionals sit on advisory boards for post-secondary programs related to our industry.

Like any leading construction organization, our skilled tradespeople are the backbone of everything we do.  Teamco and Industrial Services are comprised of over 2,000 high-calibre tradespeople located at our module yards and project sites across western Canada.  

At the Cord Group, we recognize the importance of investing in the next generation of skilled tradespeople. We work with different government organizations to help prepare apprentices for work in the trades. Our close partnerships with Alberta’s post-secondary institutions demonstrate how important we view the next generation of tradespeople. We actively employ and train apprentices, helping develop their skills on the job. Our module yards and site locations provide an ideal learning environment with a variety of equipment and other resources for technical training.

Recruiters Notice

Each company in the Cord Group has a team of leading recruitment professionals who coordinate directly with all potential candidates looking to join our organization. All external recruiters or placement agencies must have approval from our recruitment teams in order to present candidates to the Cord Group.

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